Fruit pruning talk

Following the Annual General Meeting on Monday 7th March (starting 7:30 pm) we’ll have a short talk on fruit tree and bush pruning from Ben Dell.

Ben is a community gardener for the Edible Gardening Project at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (

Ben teaches community groups, volunteers, members of the public and students the skills they need to grow their own food. His post is funded by ‘players of Peoples Postcode Lottery’

The Edible Gardening project has been running for 4 ½ years. They work with community groups in a number of ways, from sowing seeds for windowsill pea shoots with children to providing an 8 day practical course for community gardeners. They hold weekly ‘Meet the Gardener’ sessions for the Botanics visitors with the team on hand to answer questions, give tours and provide seasonal gardening tips. They also hold a range of weekend events through the year like our annual Harvest Festival.

Ben has worked in practical horticulture for 16 years at Dorset County Council, Edinburgh University and the Botanics (for the last 8 years). He also gardens in his spare time and has tended allotments in York, Dorset and Edinburgh. His current plot is at Leith links in Edinburgh where he is able to produce enough vegetables to feed his family for about 9 months of the year!

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