Potato Day varieties

At our annual seed potato sale we plan to offer the following varieties:

First Earlies type*
Casablanca (organic) GP
Epicure F
International Kidney W
Maris Bard (organic) W
Red Duke of York GP
Winston F
Second Earlies
Charlotte (organic) W
Kestrel GP
Athlete W
Nadine W
Red Emmalie (organic) F
Salad Blue (organic) F
Shetland Black F
Wilja F
Yukon Gold GP
Main Crop
Arran Victory (organic) F
Desiree W
Highland Burgundy Red F
King Edward GP
Lady Balfour (organic) GP
Pentland Dell GP
Pink Fir Apple W
Pink Gypsy (organic) F
Rooster F
Sarpo Kifli W
Sarpo Mira (organic) F
GP = general purpose, W = waxy, F = floury

Also on sale will be onion and shallot sets, and veg and flower seeds. We’ll also be holding hold a small seed swap.

Soup, coffee and cake also available.

Saturday 25th February 2017 10am-12:30pm in the Masonic Hall, Linlithgow (by the Cross)

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