Potato Day varieties 2020

First Early
EpicureTraditional Ayrshire potato.  High yields.  Floury, all-rounder.
Maris Bard Waxy, traditional new potato taste. Very early. 
Pentland JavelinExcellent taste, waxy but becomes floury if left in ground.
Red Duke of YorkLarge tubers, floury, good all-rounder, excellent flavour
Sharpe’s ExpressOnly need brief cooking, papery skins can be rubbed off. Floury.
Second Early
BonnieGood disease resistance.  Good for boiling and baking.
CharlotteExcellent all-rounder, high yielding.  Waxy tubers, good flavour.
Edzell Blue Blue skin, white flesh, good flavour, floury.
International KidneyWaxy, good flavour.  Best steamed rather than boiled
KestrelSmooth skin with violet ‘eyes’, dry texture, good all-rounder.
LindaOld European variety, good taste, waxy yellow flesh.
Maris Peer Salad potatoes, waxy flesh, good for boiling.
Sarpo UnaEarly as a waxy salad, leave longer for a heavy crop of bakers.
Shetland BlackHeritage variety.  Purple skin.  Floury, best baked or roasted. 
Yukon GoldWaxy. Yellow flesh, sweet flavour.
Arran Victory Blue / purple skin, white flesh.  Floury, very tasty.  High yields.
DesireeWaxy but good for mash & baking, making it a great all- rounder.
Mayan Twilight Red & white skins, deep yellow flesh. Needs little cooking time.
PicassoHuge yields, large baking size tubers, stores well.
Pink Fir AppleKnobbly tubers, waxy, nutty flavour.  Good boiled or steamed,
Pink Gypsy Pink & white skins, good taste baked, roast or mashed.
Red King Edward A good all-rounder.   Creamy white flesh.  Light floury texture. 
RoosterFloury white flesh. All-rounder with good flavour & high yields. 
Sarpo Kifli Waxy, great new potato flavour.  High yielding, blight resistant. 
Sarpo Mira (organic)Blight resistant, high yields, stores very well.  Tasty, floury.
ViolettaHeritage variety.  Dark blue flesh and skin. Floury
Yetholm GypsyFloury. Heritage variety. Red, white and blue skin

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