About Us


The Linlithgow and District Allotment Society (LADAS) was formed in 2008 to campaign for new allotment sites in and around Linlithgow, holding the first AGM on 26th August 2008.
Our site at Oakwell, near Philpstoun, opened on May 1st 2011.
New members are welcome to join us – please see our Membership page for details.

Working with West Lothian Council

In a formal proposal submitted to West Lothian Council (WLC) in September 2008 we suggested the following locations: Kettilstoun, Beecraigs (both WLC owned) and St Michael’s Hospital (NHS owned land), and since then sites near Linlithgow Bridge Primary School have also been considered.  In April 2010 we became founder members of the Linlithgow and District Sport Recreation and Leisure Development Association, working on plans for the field west of the Leisure Centre along with BFC Linlithgow, Scout groups and Linlithgow Rugby Club.  In January 2011 WLC announced they would not fund the cost of an access road for this site (which they had calculated to be £390k).
In September 2010, WLC adopted an Allotments Strategy.

The Oakwell site

In December 2009 we wrote to local landowners suggesting they might consider hosting allotments and received a positive reply from Oakwell Children’s Nursery at Philpstoun.  A request for planning permission to change the land use of the proposed site from agricultural to allotments was submitted in November 2010; this was granted in February 2011, with some conditions.
We were very lucky to obtain half of the required funding through Transition Linlithgow (previously known as Linlithgow Climate Challenge) from the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF). This is national funding which is made available for projects such as ours because growing your own food promotes a healthy lifestyle, reduces energy consumption in production and transport and contributes to greater general sustainability. This grant was conditional upon the money being spent by the end of March 2011.
We secured matching funds from LEADER, which provides EU monies for rural development in Scotland via the Scotland Rural Development Programme. The Oakwell site is eligible for this due to being outwith the urban envelope of Linlithgow and within the Philpstoun district; we were awarded the funding on 23rd March 2011 due to many hours devoted to form-filling and pressing for a decision, just in time to avoid losing the CCF funding.
Work started on the Oakwell site on Monday, 4th April, and plotholders were able to get digging on 1st May 2011.

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