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Regular newsletters are produced by LADAS to keep plotholders and anyone else with an interest in our work up-to-date with the latest news, plot opportunities and other bits and pieces.

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Documents for plotholders

As a member of LADAS and a plotholder on our allotments, there are a number of key documents you should be aware of and occasionally refer to.

LADAS Constitution 2018-19

LADAS Oakwell site rules

LADAS cleaning rota Jan-Dec 2018

Plotholder Annual Agreement-2017-2018

Plot Holders Membership Agreement form

Other information for plotholders

We occasionally produce other documents for plotholders’ interest and entertainment.

Fruit & veg growing chart


We have a Facebook group where LADAS members can share experiences and seek advice. Look us up at LADAS Facebook Members Group.


The LADAS committee meets every two months. Recent minutes are here:

LADAS Minutes 17 Aug 2015

LADAS Minutes 12 October 2015

LADAS Minutes 7 Dec 2015

LADAS Minutes 8 Feb 2016

LADAS Minutes 18 April 2016

LADAS Minutes 20th June 2016

LADAS Minutes 15th August 2016

LADAS minutes 10th October-2016

LADAS Minutes 12 December 2016

AGM minutes 6 March 2017-amended

LADAS Minutes 15 February 2017

LADAS minutes 24 April 2017

LADAS minutes 12 June 2017

LADAS minutes 7 August 2017

LADAS minutes 2 October 2017

LADAS minutes 4 December 2017

AGM minutes 26 February 2018

LADAS minutes 29 January 2018

LADAS Minutes 14 May 2018 

Useful links

Transition Linlithgow – Transition Linlithgow (TL) is a community-led charity which aims to make Linlithgow a more caring, sharing and resilient place to live with a focus on finding a beneficial pathway towards a low-carbon future.

Oakwell Children’s Nursery – Landlords for the Oakwell allotments.

Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society – SAGS works for allotment sites and plot holders throughout Scotland and is a useful source of information and advice.

New Hopetoun Gardens – Local garden centre offering discounts to plot holders, and occasionally sells some of our surplus produce.